When you are a groom or best man and you have patiently helped with all the other elements of the wedding there comes a time when you leave the ladies behind and go searching for some stag party tips with which to make the last night of freedom before marriage one to keep in the memory banks forever.

Stag and Hen Birmingham have tried to cater for those grooms or best men intent on coming to the city with a series of stag party tips which start with activities to go alongside anything you pre book like drinking games, pub crawls or even the forgotten art of snagging some bargains at the many shops including the popular Bullring Centre.

Then don’t forget that thorny issue of any stag do and it is making sure when you all pitch up at the door of the nightlife venue to be seen at you are let in so do some homework and get on those venue guestlists or Q Jump lists.

Food then follows with suggestions of places to head to whether that be the upmarket mailbox, popular Chinatown area of simply the city’s best takeaway and kebab shops. Remember if you plan to head to a restaurant it is always a good idea to pre book and remember that this will on most occasions involve a deposit that will be put against your final bill on the night. (This is simply restaurants way of ensuring you arrive and on time!)

Theming is always key on any stag do especially where the groom has a particular favourite thing or hobby to get involved in the party – Golf being a great example. Get dressed up like Ian Poulter as you play a spot of real golf and then head out in the evening to play another round but this time of pub golf!

The most important off all stag party tips though is enjoy the experience – start off by having a bit of fun researching , make sure booking it is easy and then have fun on the party itself simples!
Source : stagandhenbirmingham.co.uk

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